RS PRO Oscilloscope Probe

  • RS 제품 번호 146-6627
  • 제조업체 RS PRO
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RS Pro 27pcs HF Accessory Kit

The RS Pro HF accessory kit is suitable for the RS Pro 2.5mm oscilloscopes probes, series RS-HF 600.
The set consists of 27 pieces and each single items very compact design is ideal for measurement of SMT components.

Suitable for RS Pro Passive Oscilloscope Probes:

1466619 (RS-HF 612)
1466620 (RS-HF 612RA)


8 x Coding Rings - 4 Colours (2 each)
1 x Swivel Ground Lead Adapter
1 x Swivel Ground Lead
1 x Trimmer Tool
1 x Ground Lead with Alligator Clip
1 x Rigid Probe Tip
1 x Spring Probe Tip
1 x Probe Tip Cover
1 x Short Collar,
1 x Long Collar
5 x IC Tip Insulators
1 x Tip Insulator
1 x BNC Adapter to 2.5mm Probe Tip
1 x Ground Spring
1 x PCB Adapter to 2.5mm Probe Tip
1 x Sprung Hook

Passive Oscilloscope Probes


All the products in this range are supplied for use with instruments with a permanent earth connection.

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