Huco Friction Clutch 281P25.2828.RS

  • RS 제품 번호 890-3051
  • 제조사 부품 번호 281.25.2828
  • 제조업체 Huco
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COO (Country of Origin): GB
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6 Plate Adjustable Friction Clutches with Sleeve Adaptor, Set Screw & Clamp Fixings

Friction clutches from Huco Vari-Tork designed with adjustable drag or slip torque. Controlled slip takes place between the hub and housing whenever the load exceeds the set torque.
A simple construction, the pressure is brought on to the plates and friction rings by an adjuster acting through a spring and pressure plate. The load can either be connected to the steel inner hub or the aluminium alloy housing.

Features and Benefits

• Compact proportions
• 4 interface styles
• Set screw or clamp connection
• Can be used as a torque limiter, tensioning, overrun device

Product Application Information

As a torque limiter, Vari-Tork interrupts continuity between the power source and load when it reaches a pre-determined level.
As a tensioning device, Vari-Tork typically maintains tension in a filament or tape winding operation by exerting drag on the feed spool.
As an overrun device, Vari-Tork absorbs residual inertia of a motor when the load is braked or reaches a terminal stop.

Bore 8mm
Torque Rating 132Ncm
Body Diameter 25.8mm
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