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With the latest innovations and brands our personal protective clothing and equipment ranges are continually expanding to offer the most effective and up to date protection available, with products from RS Pro and 3M, including eyewear, respirators and workwear.

You'll also find it easier to find the personal protection products you need, with our latest selection guide and videos to help you make the right buying decision.

Feature - Hearing Protection

Harmful noise is one of the top health hazards in the workplace and has been recognised as an irreversible health hazard within the latest PPE regulations, which means hearing protection is now at the same risk categorization as respiratory and fall protection.

It is therefore vital that hearing protection is taken seriously and using the right product whilst correctly wearing them is critical. The 3M™ Hearing Training video below, illustrates the impact sounds from around the workplace can have and also the associated risks, but then demonstrates the types of hearing protection available along with how they should be correctly used with some practical advise - if it' feels wrong or doesn't fit right then choose another product:

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There are many applicable safety standards across the personal protective range, some of the most common standards are shown below and these link directly to our product ranges:

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