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Power Distribution - Wind Power

Today wind energy is one of the fastest growing sources of electrical power and according to WWEA, by the end of 2016 the global wind capacity reached 486GW, of which 54GW was added in 2016 alone, this total represents about 5% of the worlds demand or equivalent to around 160 nuclear plants.

This technology is continuing to advance, which brings along more efficiencies, greater output and is therefore more cost competitive, becoming one of the preferred choices for new generating facilities in many countries. This shift to renewable sources is dramatically changing the power landscape but with supply and demand stronger a smarter grid is needed with more control and functionality than in the past.

ABB is a leader in the wind industry and provides components such as generators, electrical panels and low-voltage products for more than 40,000 wind turbines worldwide, with 50% of all installed offshore turbines equipped with an ABB generator. At RS we support the industries, by offering thousands of products including a wide range from ABB.

Power Quality & Safety

In the past, facility managers judged the state of electrical power quality in their facilities based on whether the lights were on or not. If the lights were on, power quality was good. If the lights were off and the occupants were complaining, then power quality was bad. A major concern facility managers have related to electrical power is how much it costs to keep the facility running. To that end, any opportunity to reduce energy consumption is an opportunity to improve efficiency. The typical approach to reducing energy consumption is to upgrade equipment to more energy-efficient models and to reduce energy usage patterns by staff and operations. What’s harder to identify, and what frequently gets lost in all the chatter, is the potential efficiency gain of improving power reliability and preventing the lights from ever going off. Thankfully, the potential causes of power reliability issues are well known and relatively easy to identify. For example thanks to the Fluke 435 Energy loss calculator, facility manager and electrical team can perform classic active and reactive power measurements, check unbalance and harmonic power, understanding easily the fiscal costs of energy losses.

Water Treatment

Waste water engineers know about the importance of equipment reliability and predictability. It is their responsibility to keep the plant running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without downtime. Whether the plant is functioning at full capacity or not, the effluent never stops. With LOCTITE, RS offers a wide range of products and services to help water utilities industries to repair and maintain the equipment and keep the plant running. Supporting areas from clarifiers, bar screeners and influent structures through to general maintenance, the LOCTITE range can help you create savings in maintenance costs and help minimise unscheduled breakdowns.

Loctite Application Solutions

Products related to water treatment:

IoT - Smart Grid

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way we work, allowing businesses to connect and monitor equipment from almost anywhere. Innovation within the utilities industry is happening through Smart Grid technology, which allows two-way digital communication between power provider and users, so that everything on the grid from power plant to individual appliances can be seen and controlled in real time, which means:

Manage costs & improving efficiency – power can be monitored and controlled on-demand. As energy requirements change during peak and off-peak demands, so do energy prices which reflect the costs to produce it in real time (only produce energy when it is needed – efficient and environmentally sound).

Preventative maintenance – sensors can be used to monitor changes in operating conditions, such as the increase current, temperature, vibration, etc. which intern can identify issues before equipment fails and allows preventative maintenance can be carried out at the optimum time.

RS Pro Related Products for Utilities

RS Pro gives you an ever-expanding choice of around 50,000 quality-tested products engineered for demanding manufacturing and industrial environments. Choose quality, performance and value without compromise. Below are just some highlights from the wide range of RS Pro products for Utilities, like for example the RS Pro RJ aluminium enclosures:
Sealed and manufactured from diecast aluminium, these enclosure are perfect for harsh environments. ATEX and IECEx approved versions are also available for use in explosive atmospheres.

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