Wall Boxes

A wall box is a secure enclosure which is mounted onto a wall. Also known as wall-mounted enclosures, they feature a door or lid for access. Some wall mounted enclosures are lockable for security. With a wide range of IP ratings, the enclosures are suitable for outdoor and indoor use, and can withstand high impacts.

Wall boxes are available in a variety of sizes, material, wall mount types and storage solutions. There is a wall-mounted enclosure and accessory to suit your needs. Wall Mounted accessories available include mounting plates, hinges, mounting brackets, mounting bosses, mounting kits, DIN rails, sealing plugs and lock types providing quick and easy wall mount installation. Boxes can also be used as lockable secure storage.

Uses for Wall Boxes

Electrical: Wall boxes are frequently used to secure access to delicate or potentially dangerous electrical systems such as fuse boxes of power inlets. When it is important to keep electrical systems free from environmental factor such as moisture, for safety and functionally, high IP rated wall boxes are used normally with suitable lock.

General Purpose Wall Boxes: For secure outdoor or indoor storage, wall boxes are lockable, providing storage for important or potentially hazardous items. With stainless steel, steel, polyester, plastic, ABS, thermoplastic, aluminium or other metal versions available, the sturdy construction of these wall boxes ensures a high level of security with and without a lock.

Marine Environments Wall Boxes: IP67 wall mounted enclosures are available, with material ensuring protection in hose down environments and even some marine applications with seals for the base and lid or door and are lockable.

Transparent Doors for Wall Boxes: Wall mounted enclosures often come in ranges with transparent doors. Although this may lower the impact resilience of the box, it allows you to view the contents within the storage box.

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