Keysight Arbitary Waveform Capability for 2 Channel Models for 33500B Series Waveform Generators

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Keysight 33500B Series Waveform Generators

Keysight 33500B Series waveform generators incorporate Trueform signal-generation technology, which combines the best of direct digital synthesis (DDS) and point-by-point architectures. It delivers increased performance at a price associated with DDS only. The 33500B models offer lower jitter and lower harmonic distortion than alternative instruments in the same class. The jitter performance gives users the ability to place edges more accurately, helping reduce timing errors in circuit designs. Total harmonic distortion is less than 0.04% and non-harmonic spurs are less than 75dBc. This means clean signals that do not introduce noise, giving users greater accuracy. The jitter rate, together with 8.4ns rise and fall times, enables users to set trigger points more accurately. The 16 bit resolution of the 33500B models facilitates output changes down to 1uV, providing users with the ability to test low-voltage circuits and designs.

Waveform summing and combining capability
Variable-bandwidth noise
Waveform sequencing
Pseudo-random binary sequence pattern generation

Accessory Type Arbitary Waveform Capability for 2 Channel Models
For Use With 33500B Series Waveform Generators
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