Schneider Electric Electric Valve Actuator -, 24 V ac Supply Voltage

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Schneider Electric Valve Actuator - MVB56

Created and designed for opening and closing valves, offering users as automated was to adjust a valve. Operated through electricity, which means that this valve actuator can be adjusted remotely. This type of valve actuator will often be used for automation and control purposes within industrial valves, predominantly in process plants and factories. (Wastewater treatment plants, power plants, refineries, mining ect)

Features & Benefits

  • This electric actuator provides a solution for applications that include reversing synchronous motors

  • An electric board is available

  • Versatile, enabling the actuator to be mounted on new Controli globe valves up to DN"2 and other manufacturers range of valves which have a stroke from 10.8 to 20 mm

  • Another feature of the valve is provided on this model - an output signal (0...10 V–, 10...0 V– and 0...200 mA) indicating the valve stem position. An internal jumper allows reversing the rotation direction

  • Equipped with a manual override

  • The actuator is assembled on the manual control and it is possible to connect it to a supervisor or an outside controller to communicate whether the actuator is in “manual” or “automatic” mode. MVB46P model is supplied with 1 KΩ aux

Valve Actuators - Schneider Electric

Supply Voltage 24 V ac
Actuator Type Electric
18 <재고있음> 5-9영업일내 홍콩 발송
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(exc. VAT)
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