RS PRO Stainless Steel Tool Tray, W 330mm, L 250mm, H 30mm

  • RS 제품 번호 125-7935
  • 제조업체 RS PRO
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RS PRO Rectangular Magnetic Tool Tray

Introducing the RS PRO magnetic tool tray. This steel rectangular tool tray is an ideal piece of equipment for holding and securing components or parts whilst working. A magnetic tool tray like this one from RS PRO is an essential piece of equipment that can be used across a range of applications, especially in the automotive repair industry.

Features and Benefits:

• This tray features four large magnets at the base of the tray for strong magnetisation regardless of what is placed in the tray
• The strong magnetisation allows the tray to be used horizontally, vertically and upside down, with a secure hold on the parts placed in the tray
• The magnets on the tray can hold onto any ferrous metal surfaces
• The tray itself is made from heavy-duty stainless steel to ensure ultra-durability and corrosion resistance, especially when working with automotive liquids like brake fluid that is corrosive
• Ideal for secure storage nuts, bolts and other small ferrous components whilst undertaking repairs or servicing
• Dimensions: 330 mm x 250 mm x 30 mm


A magnetic holder is a valuable resource for any individual that deals with small parts on a day to day basis. A parts tray is a key accessory to ensure any nuts, bolts or other small loose items are kept together securely and aren’t lost during repairs. Magnetic tool holders are also generally shallow enough that when they are not in use, they can easily be attached to the lid or surface of a toolbox which prevents taking up valuable storage space. They are most commonly used in applications like:
• Electronic servicing
• Mechanical and automotive repair
• Home DIY
• Workshop

Magnetic Storage Trays

These trays provide secure holding of tools and collection of component parts while assembling or stripping engine assemblies etc.

Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions 330 x 250 x 30mm
Width 330mm
Length 250mm
Height 30mm
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