Sgos Plastic Tool Case

  • RS 제품 번호 727-2325
  • 제조사 부품 번호 4BIOMEDICALTR
  • 제조업체 Sgos
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COO (Country of Origin): FR
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Equipped Case for Biomedical with Trolley

A comprehensive tool kit for the professional, containing 155 tools
Ideal for technician


3 component boxes,1 adjustable wrenches,9 open end wrenches from 3,2mm to 19mm,3 socket wrenches with handle 5-5,5-7mm,12 hexagonal ball tip head wrenches from 0,5" to 5/16",9 hexagonal ball tip head wrenches from 1,5mm to 10mm,7 torx head wrenches from T10 to T40,1 electrician knife one blade,1 two meters measuring tape,46 sockets and accessories metric and inch,1 IC extractor,1 soldering iron,2 wire grips, red and black,1 anti-static mobile work station,1 switch pen torch 7 leds,6 set of 6 needle files containing shapes,1 hammer,1 expanding tape mesure,1 inspection mirror,1 electrician type scissors,2 "elec" wire grips red and black,1 "Colombus" type calipers,1 half-round electronic nose pliers,1 half-round electronic nose pliers insulation 1000V,1 solderless terminal crimping pliers,1 straight tip circlips pliers coverted internal/external,1 multi-purpose wrenches,1 flat nose pliers,1 plain bristle flat brush,2 tweezers straight and bent jaws,2 diagonal cutting nippers,2 waterpump pliers 180 and 250mm,1 unsoldering device,1 ruler in stainless steel,1 reels of solder,2 chubby screwdrivers Cross and Phillips,3 insulated 1000V screwdrivers PH0-1-2,3 insulated 1000V screwdrivers PZ0-1-2,6 ceramic trimmers set,3 cross section blade mechanic screwdrivers,2 mechanic screwdrivers PH3-4,5 micro-electronic screwdrivers cross (2-2,5-3mm,PH0-1),4 insulated 1000V cross screwdrivers (2,5-3,5-4-5,5mm),1 desoldering wick copper braid

Material Plastic
Box Type Tool Case
Length 465mm
Width 352mm
Height 465mm
Lock Type Key; Combination
Weight 6.4kg
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