RS PRO Temperature Sensor -10°C to +110 °C, +40 °C Pipe PT100

  • RS 제품 번호 813-890
  • 제조업체 RS PRO
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Temperature Sensors for Air Conditioning

Thermistor and Pt100 type sensors in a variety of packages suitable for use with most air conditioning control systems.

Sensor Types:
Thermistor: direct thermistor (NTC) temperature (10kΩ at 25°C) versions. These are degradable components and should be replaced on a 2-3 year cycle.
Pt100 sensor: 2 wire sensors with brass probes providing a linear response and positive temperature coefficient.

Package Types:
Space Air (813-806; 376-1477): a white ventilated unit for interior use, temperature range -10 to +60°C.
Duct Air (813-862): an IP65 housing with 20mm conduit entry, 210x19mm dia. probe with fine mesh gauge for sensor protection, temperature range -10 to +60°C.
Outside Air (813-828; 813-878): an IP65 enclosure with a small brass cap, 20mm conduit entry, temperature range -10 to +60°C.
Liquid Immersion (813-834; 813-884): an IP65 enclosure with 20mm conduit entry, 130x6mm diameter brass probe which fits into a brass pocket (available separately) for a temperature range of -10 to +60°C
Pipe-Clamp on (813-840; 813-890): a sensing element located in a lug which is fitted to the pipe via a stainless steel cable tie. IP65 terminal with 1m of cable, maximum temperature 110°C.


The brass and steel pockets have grub screw probe fixing for easy replacement.

Application Pipe
Sensing Element Type PT100
Maximum Temperature Sensed +40 °C, +110 °C
Minimum Temperature Sensed -30°C
Range of Temperatures Sensed -30 → +110°C
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