RS PRO Adjustable Tap Wrench Tap Wrench Steel

  • RS 제품 번호 444-936
  • 제조업체 RS PRO
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COO (Country of Origin): CN
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Tap & Reamer Wrench (Bar Type)

Introducing heavy duty straight tap wrenches from our own brand RS PRO, a selection of durable hand tools ideal working with thread tools. These tap wrenches feature a black finished steel body with hardened and tempered jaws, providing high durability and strength. This range features tap wrenches designed to be used with a variety of thread sizes, ensuring you have a tap wrench to suit a variety of applications. The body is accompanied by knurled chrome handles, offering enhanced grip when working with tap threads and fittings.

Features and benefits

Adjustable all steel tap/reamers with hardened and tempered ’V’ jaws for holding square/round shanks


Tap wrenches are a type of hand tool designed to tap internal thread tools with ease. They often feature adjustable jaws that secure to the fitting, with handles allowing you to turn it with ease. They are available to suit various thread sizes and are manufactured using a range of materials. They are commonly used in application such as:

• Plumbing
• Construction


What is the overall length of this tool?

RS Stock no. 444-936 - 205 mm
RS Stock no. 444-914 - 265 mm
RS Stock no. 444-946 - 340 mm
RS Stock no. 444-942 - 890 mm

What thread size is this compatible with?

RS Stock no. 444-936 - M1.4 to M12
RS Stock no. 444-914 - M5 - M14
RS Stock no. 444-946 - M6 - M20
RS Stock no. 444-942 - M14 - M42

What is the minimum square size?

RS Stock no. 444-936 - 2.6 mm
RS Stock no. 444-914 - 2.6 mm
RS Stock no. 444-946 - 4.5 mm
RS Stock no. 444-942 - 7 mm

What is the maximum square size?

RS Stock no. 444-936 - 9.5 mm
RS Stock no. 444-914 - 11.5 mm
RS Stock no. 444-946 - 14 mm
RS Stock no. 444-942 - 27 mm

Type Adjustable Tap Wrench
Thread Size BA14 0BA, M1.4 M12, 1/4 1/2 in BSW, 1/4 1/2 in UNF
Material Steel
Finish Chrome
163 <재고있음> 5-9영업일내 홍콩 발송
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