Martindale RSCP301 Socket Tester 30mA 110V ac CAT II 150 V, Model CP-301

  • RS 제품 번호 253-541
  • 제조사 부품 번호 RSCP301
  • 제조업체 Martindale
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16A Industrial Check Plugs Martindale CP201 & CP301

The simplest, safest and most efficient method of checking 16A sockets in factory or on-site installations. Shows similar fail-safe indications to the Martindale classic check plug.

The simplest, safest and most efficient method of checking 16A 2P+E BS4343 sockets
Intended for use on industrial 240V sockets whilst the 110V check plug will check centre tapped 110V supplies
Both the 110V and the 240V Check Plug are fitted with a standard BS4343 16A plug
Fault conditions displayed on three neons on the 240V checker and on three LEDs on the 110V unit
Both Check Plugs list fault conditions and their associated indications on the face of the unit



  • Although a 110V Check Plug will show the correct connection of the centre tapped line, it cannot verify that an earth is connected.
Current Rating 30mA
Voltage 110V ac
Number of Pins 3
Wiring Check Yes
Display Type LED
Safety Category CAT II 150 V
Power Source Mains
Weight 180g
Model Number p CP-301
Safety Category Level CAT II
Plug Type BS 4343
Safety Category Voltage 150V
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