Rabbit Semiconductor Rabbit 3000 CP 44.2MHz Core Module, 3.15 → 3.45V

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RCM3200 RabbitCore® Single-Board Controller

The RCM3200 RabbitCore processor module offers the features and performance for embedded control systems, providing secure data communication with integrated Ethernet connectivity. The Dynamic C Integrated Development Environment (IDE) includes a full-featured C compiler, editor and in-circuit debugger.

• 44.2MHz Rabbit 3000 MPU with low-power 'Sleepy' modes • Spectrum spreader for reduced EMI (radiated emissions)
• On-board 512KB program Flash memory
• On-board 512KB program execution SRAM
• On-board 256KB data SRAM (battery-backable)
• Watchdog supervisor
• 52 x GPIO ports
• Up to 6 x serial ports
• 4 x PWM outputs
• 2 x Quadrature Encoder inputs
• 10/100 Ethernet connectivity via RJ45 socket
• Battery-backable Real-Time Clock (RTC)
• Connectors: 2 x 34-pin signal headers, 10-pin programming header
• Power supply: +3.3Vdc @ 255mA
• Operating temperature range: 0 to +70°C
• Dimensions: 69 x 47 x 22mm

Rabbit - Digi International

Embedded Controllers and Device Servers for the Industrial environment.

Core Processor Rabbit 3000
Supported Network Interfaces 10/100 Base-T
Dimensions 47 x 69 x 22mm
Height 22mm
Length 69mm
Width 47mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -40 °C
Maximum Operating Temperature +70 °C