Intelligent LED Solutions ILE-BI01-GRIR-SC201., Biometric Sensor Module for BIOFY Sensor SFH7050

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ILS BIOFY Eco1 SFH 7050 Module

The BIOFY health monitoring Eco1, from Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS), is a module containing the SFH 7050 BIOFY Sensor. These compact and powerful LED arrays are made using an FR4 board. It offers optimal thermal management. The BIOFY Eco1 devices do not require any additional heat sinks.
The SFH 7050 BIOFY Sensor, from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, is their first integrated optoelectronic sensor. The BIOFY sensor is designed for reflective pulse oximetry and automatic fitness tracking. It utilises 3 LEDs (red, green and IR) and a photodiode for collecting biometric information. The SFH 7050 is ideal for heart rate monitoring, pulse oximetry and proximity sensor applications.

Features of the BIOFY Eco1:
SFH 7050 BIOFY Sensor
Mounting holes using M3 screws
Dimensions: 20.25 x 13.7 x 0.9 mm
Individual control of emitters

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Featured Device BIOFY Sensor SFH7050
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