STMicroelectronics STEVAL-WESU1, Wearable Motion Sensor Motion Sensor Reference Design

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STEVAL-WESU1, Wearable Sensor Unit Reference Design

The STEVAL-WESU1 reference design was developed and optimised with the latest technologies in wearable and portable applications.
The small size allows the hardware to be enclosed in a watch strap. You can experience and monitor the activity of a real motion and environmental sensor data in this acquisition system.
The ST WeSU app is a mobile application for the STEVAL-WESU1 evaluation board, which lets you manage all the board features and activate several application demos. Also found available free of charge from Apple Store and Google Play stores. The Apps are based on BlueST SDK, available on GitHub.

iOS and Android applications available
Main Components:
STM32L151VEY6, 32-bit ultra-low-power Microcontroller
LSM6DS3, 3D Accelerometer + 3D Gyroscope
LIS3MDL, 3-axis Magnetometer
LPS25HB, MEMS Pressure Sensor
BlueNRG-MS, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) network processor
BALF-NRG-01D3, 50 Ω balun with integrated harmonic filter
STNS01, Li-Ion linear Battery Charger IC
STC3115, Battery Monitor Gauge IC with alarm output
Micro USB Connector for battery charging
SWD Connector for Debugging and Programming capability
Watch strap with plastic housing and 100 mAh Li-Ion battery is included

Sensor Solution Evaluation Boards, STMicroelectronics

Sensor Technology Motion Sensor
Kit Classification Reference Design
Kit Name Wearable Motion Sensor
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