HEDS-5540#A02,Optical encoder,3ch,500CPR

  • RS 제품 번호 178-3117
  • 제조사 부품 번호 HEDS-5540#A02
  • 제조업체 Broadcom
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Optical Encoders

This range of motion control optical encoders, by Avago Technologies, is available in two and three channel output options. These incremental encoders utilize optical technology for motion control. Incremental encoder devices provide position feedback for incremental counts. Where the feedback signal is always referenced to a start or home position, an incremental encoder provides a uniquely defined, relative position. Avago Technologies offer both optical reflective incremental encoders and optical transmissive incremental encoders. These devices are available as encoder modules for user integration or as complete housed or kit incremental encoders. This range of optical encoders provides accurate positioning and velocity sensing for a variety of applications.

Possible applications include:
servo and stepper motor feedback systems
robotic arms
wafer-handling machines

Avago Technologies Rotary Encoders

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