RFID Tag Tear Shape 1 Kb

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Telemecanique Sensors OsiSense XGRFID - Radio-frequency Identification - can replace traditional bar-coding and electro-magnet tags as a method of product tracking. The OsiSense XG system operates at 13.65Mhz, and uses tag readers that are compatible with almost all tags conforming to ISO 18000-3, ISO 15693, and ISO 14443. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications that involve tracking the movement of people or products.

Device Type Key Fob Tag
Memory 736 B
Detection Range XGCS85) mm, 30 (XGCS49) mm, 35 (XGCS89
Maximum Frequency 13.56MHz
IP Rating IP67
Length 31mm
Width 4.8mm
Depth 40mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -5°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +80°C
Dimensions 31 x 4.8 x 40 mm
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