LVDT Solartron Metrology 926229

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Optimum Series LVDT Sensors

The optimum series of LVDT sensors are high performance sensors ideal for use in process control and research applications, the 9.52 mm diameter of these sensors make them an ideal choice where space is limited.

Large radial bore clearance
9.52 mm body diameter
Stainless steel case material
IP65 ingress protection


Range of accessories also available:
775-3877: universal joints kit
775-3871: ball tip and adapter
775-3880: return spring
775-3883: return spring
775-3887: return spring
775-3896: return spring
775-3899: return spring

Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT)

These devices comprise a movable nickel iron core and three coils - one for energisation and two for pick-up. They need to be driven by a sine wave to produce an output amplitude and phase directly proportional to the position of the core with respect to the pick-up coils. A phase sensitive detector is required to demodulate the output signal. The main advantages of LVDTs are;

No wear problems as with potentiometers
Infinite resolution, high accuracy and linearity
No friction introduced into the measured system
Available in ranges from ±1mm to ±50mm


RS LVDT's datasheet Stock No. 232-4049 is available on request.

Stroke ±12.5mm
Overall Height 83.5mm
Overall Depth 9.52 (Dia.)mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +150°C
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