Silicon Labs ToolStick MCU Daughter Board TOOLSTICK327DC

  • RS 제품 번호 757-0385
  • 제조사 부품 번호 TOOLSTICK327DC
  • 제조업체 Silicon Labs
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COO (Country of Origin): US
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USB ToolStick for C8051Fxxx Microcontrollers

The Silicon Labs ToolStick is an easy to use development system that allows designers
to develop and debug application firmware directly on the target microcontroller using
the Silicon Labs Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Once complete, designers
can replace the Daughter Card with a Programming Adapter and program blank
devices for use in their actual system.
The easiest way to get started experimenting with the ToolStick is with the ToolStick
Starter Kit
. This kit is a complete development system that contains a Base
and an interchangeable C8051F330 MCU Daughter Card. Daughter Cards are sold individually and
require a separate Base Adapter to be purchased. Programming
kits include a Base Adapter and a separate purchase is not required.

Classification Daughter Board
Kit Name ToolStick
Technology MCU
Processor Part Number C8051F327
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