20 → 70W Light Transformer, 230V ac, 11.5V

  • RS 제품 번호 714-1391
  • 제조업체 RS PRO
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COO (Country of Origin): IT
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Single O/P Round Dimmable Mini Electronic Transformer

IP20 independent transformer for 12 V halogen lamps
Class II protection against electric shock following direct and indirect contact
The transformer is supplied with cables on the primary and secondary circuits
Excellent operating reliability at very high temperatures (ta = 45 °C; tc = 90 °C)
Small compact size
Easy assembly and installation
Protected against overheating, short-circuits, voltage spikes and overloads

Low Voltage Lighting Transformers

Dimming Methods (where applicable):
Leading Edge:
The control device is either a thyristor or triac which blocks power until they are switched on by the control signal. At that point the current flows almost instantaneously and continues to flow until the end of the half cycle of the mains waveform. When the signal reaches zero, the device turns off and no more current is passed until it is triggered again. Turning the power on and off in this manner averages out creating a constant intensity level and by altering the precise trigger point over a period of time the lamp can be dimmed.

Trailing Edge:
Since this method of dimming uses transistor technology it is not limited to just switching, therefore current can be controlled gradually. Transistors can be programmed to pass current at the start of each half cycle, and gradually switch off later. This will control the full amount of power reaching the lamp without the side effects of a step increase in current.

Primary Voltage Rating 230V ac
Secondary Voltage Rating 11.5V
Power Rating 20 → 70W
Dimensions 53 (Dia.) x 22mm
Depth 22mm
Minimum Load Requirement 20W
Maximum Temperature +45°C
Weight 70g
Type Electronic
Dimming Dimming
Dimming Method Trailing Edge
Termination Type Lead Wire
Maximum Operating Frequency 60Hz
Diameter 53mm
Minimum Operating Frequency 50Hz
Standards Met EN 55015, EN 60598-1, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61347-1, EN 61347-2-2, EN 61547, EN61047, VDE 0710-T14
Protection Features Over Voltage Protection, Overheating Protection, Overload Protection, Short Circuit Protection
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