Intelligent LED Solutions DURIS P5 Eco1 Series, White LED Strip, ILE-P501-NUWH-SC201.

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DURIS P5 Eco1 LED Arrays

The Duris® P5 Eco1 LED Modules, powered by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors new, low and mid-power Duris® P5 LEDs, are ideal for efficient and homogeneous lighting applications. The compact footprint and wide beam angle is perfect for uniform light distribution. The Duris® P5 Eco1 light sources are constructed on FR4 laminate and incorporate thermal vias to assist in thermal management. As they generate very little heat they have no requirement for any secondary heat sinking. Duris® P5 Eco1 White LED modules are available in a range of correlated colour temperatures from 2700K to 6500K and the range of Colour LED modules includes a short-wavelength (450nm) Deep Blue type.

Each Duris® P5 Eco1 module contains a single Duris® P5 LED high efficacy 120° wide beam angle LED
Multiple Duris® P5 Eco1 modules can be linked together to produce longer chains
More than 50,000 hour operational lifetime to 70% of original brightness
Operating current range 30 to 250mA
Mounting holes using M3 screws allows for easy installation
Size (L x W x H): 20.25x13.70x3.05mm
Secondary lens can be fitted

Applications include General & Decorative Lighting, Task & Spot Lighting, Retail and Entertainment Lighting, Harsh Environment Lighting, Linear Lighting and Hydroponic Lighting.

Intelligent LED Solutions LED Modules - Eco1

LED Colours White
Colour Temperature 4000K
Series DURIS P5 Eco1
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