Kimberly Clark White Unisex Disposable Lab Coat, M

  • RS 제품 번호 767-2902
  • 제조사 부품 번호 96710
  • 제조업체 Kimberly Clark
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COO (Country of Origin): CN
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Kimtech Science A7 Lab Coat

Kimtech Science A7 coats are disposable laboratory wear that has been designed to maximise safety and comfort. The multi-layered coats offer Type 6 limited chemical splash protection and have been successfully tested against a wide range of common chemicals and contaminants. The anti-static and silicon-free coats are made of non-woven SMS, an innovative, secure and durable fabric with a cloth-like feel. Triple over-locked seams boost strength, durability and security, even with heavy use, and the breathable material decreases the risk of heat stress to enable long periods of uninterrupted wear. Kimtech’s A7 laboratory coats are designed to protect analysts from low risk liquid chemicals in the form of sprays, aerosols and light splashes. This level of contamination control is ensured by excellent particle and bacterial filtration, tear-resistant construction, surface resistivity limitation, and extensive testing to ensure regulatory compliance. The latex-free coats are constructed of multiple layers, with a chemical- and abrasion-resistant spunbond 100% polypropylene outer layer, and microfiber, cloth-like inner layer designed to filter out a variety of water-based liquids and dry particulates. Silicon free and low lint, Kimtech Science A7 disposable lab coats are individually packed and available in sizes S to 3XL.

The quality of Kimtech’s proven manufacturing, design and testing processes result in disposable lab coats that fully conform to following regulations:

• Type 6 (PB) limited chemical protection
• Abrasion Resistance Class 2 (visual) EN 530 M2
• Trapezoidal Tear Resistance Class 2 ISO 9073-4
• Tensile Strength Class 1 EN ISO 13934-1
• Puncture Resistance Class 1 EN 863
• Class 3 Resistance to Penetration by Liquid Chemicals; 10% NaOH Class 3, EN 368 30% H2SO4
• Class 3 Resistance to Ignition PASS EN 13274-4 M3 • Seam Strength Class 3 EN ISO 13935-2
• Resistance to Penetration by Liquids (spray test) Not Tested (parts of the body) EN 468 (modified)


Sizes of Kimtech Science Disposable Lab Coat:
M - RS 767-2902
L - RS 767-2911
XL - RS 767-2914


CE 0120, EN13034:2005 Type 6, EN1149-1:1995

Kimtech Science A7 Laboratory Coat, White, M

Type 6 limited chemical splash protection and rigorously tested against an array of contaminants

High quality disposable laboratory coats with triple stitched seams and breathable material.

Triple stitched seams for safety and durability

Breathable, cloth-like material ensures that the wearer remains comfortable

Latex-free, silicon-free and low lint construction

Three fabric layers for enhanced protection

Available in sizes S to 3XL and individually packed.

Longer zip


Sizes of Kimtech Science Disposable Lab Coat:
M - RS 767-2902
L - RS 767-2911
XL - RS 767-2914


CE0120, EN13034:2005 Type 6, EN1149-1:1995

Size M
Reusable/Disposable Disposable
Gender Unisex
Colour White
Material Properties Chemical Splash Protection, Low-Linting
Application Laboratory
Closure Type Stud
Quantity Per Package 1
Material Polypropylene
Overall Length 950mm
Number of Pockets 3
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