IKO Nippon Thompson Linear Guide Carriage MLG9C1HS2, MLG

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C-Lube Linear Way Carriages - ML

IKO Nippon Thompson C-Lube Linear Way ML series is miniature, lightweight and compact incorporating built in lubricating parts. The lubrication performance is maintained for a long time so the guides are low maintenance.

Features and Benefits

• C-Lube maintains the lubrication performance for a long time
• Lightweight and compact
• Smooth and light running
• Tapped rail specification
• Stainless steel for corrosion resistance
• Ball retained type for ease of mounting

Application Information

Suitable for use where rust prevention is not preferred such as clean rooms, medical equipment, disk read devices and semiconductor manufacturing.

Linear Guides and Rails - IKO Nippon Thompson

The Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series from IKO Nippon Thompson is a range of machine parts for reducing linear motion friction. Supplying a large range of products, and available in many sizes including the worlds smallest track rail at just 1 mm wide. Providing high rigidity and high-load capacity, the Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series can be widely used in various fields.

Manufacturer Series MLG
For Rail Width 9mm
Carriage Width 20mm
Dynamic Load Rating 2370N
Static Load Rating 4030N
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