BV0011B -1TP Oscilloscope Software

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Keysight BV0011B Universal Counter Control and Automation Application Software

The Universal Counter App within BenchVue enables control of universal counters to visualize measurements, perform measurement data logging and annotate captured data. Data logging with the following measurements: Frequency, Frequency Ratio, Period, Time Interval, Rise Time, Fall Time, Pulse Width, Duty Cycle, Phase, Single Period.
BenchVue Test Flow enabled. Automate counter controls and measurements with the Test Flow App. Test Flow enables simple sequencing of instrument settings and measurements. Combine multiple instruments together to create your own custom automated test.

Control and automate multiple universal counters at the same time

• Access the most commonly used universal counter controls using an intuitive interface. • Setup and display single measurements, charts, tables, or histograms from a single instrument or multiple counters simultaneously to correlate trends you might otherwise miss.
• Automate universal counter controls and measurements with the integrated Test Flow app.

Record measurements and export results in a few clicks

Log and export data quickly to popular tools such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and MATLAB for documentation or further analysis.

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