Silicon Labs SLWSTK6063A, EFR32 Wireless Protocol Development Starter Kit Flex Gecko

  • RS 제품 번호 122-9764
  • 제조사 부품 번호 SLWSTK6063A
  • 제조업체 Silicon Labs
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EFR32FG Flex Gecko 2.4GHz/434MHz Dual-Band Starter Kit

The SLWSTK6063A Wireless Starter Kit (WSTK) is an excellent starting point to get familiar with the EFR32 Flex Gecko Wireless System-on-Chip (SoC). The WSTK BRD4001A mainboard features an on-board J-Link debugger, an Advanced Energy Monitor (AEM) for real-time current and voltage monitoring, and a Virtual COM port interface (VCOM). Packet Trace Interface (PTI) is supported.
The mainboard (BRD4001A) is paired with the EFR32FG 2400/434 MHz SLWRB4251B radio board (RS 122-9769) plugged directly into the mainboard. The radio board can also be used as a reference design for matching networks of the RF interfaces.
All debug functionality, including AEM, VCOM and PTI, can also be used towards an external device instead of the included radio board.


Ethernet and USB connectivity
SEGGER J-Link on-board debugger
AEM, VCOM and PTI support
Si7021 humidity and temperature sensor
Ultra-low power 128 x 128 pixel memory, buttons and LEDs
20-pin 2.54 mm header for expansion boards
Battery or USB powered

Features (radio board)

EFR32 Flex Gecko Wireless SoC with 256 kB Flash and 32 kB RAM (EFR32FG1P133F256GM48)
Inverted-F PCB antenna (2.4 GHz band)
SMA connector (434 MHz band)


The following items are included in the box:
• 2x BRD4001A Wireless Starter Kit Mainboards
• 2x BRD4251B EFR32FG 2400/434 MHz 10 dBm Radio Boards
• 2x 434 MHz antennas with SMA connector
• 2x CR2032 Lithium batteries
• 2x AA battery holders
• 2x USB Type A to USB Mini-B cables
• 1x BRD8010A WSTK Debug Adapter

RF Technology Wireless Protocol Development
Kit Classification Starter Kit
Featured Device EFR32
Kit Name Flex Gecko
Frequency 2.4 GHz, 434 MHz
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