Crimp Tool Positioners, Turrets & Locators

Crimp Tool Positioners are parts of a Crimping tool designed to adapt the tool frame to a particular application. Available in a wide selection of sizes and shapes locators guarantee versatility of every crimping tool. The data plate on each positioner designates which contacts the positioner accommodates for its wire size and indicates selector position. The positioners are easy to remove and replace when different connector size is required.

How easy crimping tools and positioners, turrets and locators are to use?

They are very easy to use, insert the contact pin into the hole of the crimp tool, load the wire into the contact pin, make sure it’s fully seated then and squeeze until the cycle finishes then finally check that you have a secure crimp.

How do you maintain the product?

There is very little maintenance required for this tool, keep the indenter tips free of debris and dirt.

The Importance of a High-Quality Crimp

When a crimping tool is used on a terminal, two crimps take place at the same time. One is the electrical connection between the conductor and the terminal. The other is the insulation crimp which provides strain relief against vibration and tension.The electrical connection must be gas-tight without any voids between the wire strands and the terminal. If there are any voids present, then corrosion can occur causing resistance and excessive heat which damages the electrical connection. Using a good quality crimping tool will ensure that a full, gas-tight crimp is produced preventing future deterioration of the electrical connection and insulation breakage.

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제품설명 단가 Type Series Number of Contacts Series Number
RS 제품 번호 696-1642
제조사 부품 번호TA-0002-146-0001
Locator TA - -
RS 제품 번호 2508326619
제조사 부품 번호TA-0000-502
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