Printer Accessories

Printer accessories are add-ons or fixtures that facilitate the use of an electric printer. Accessories include components like adapters, chargers, carry cases, connector cables, cutter modules, cartridges and touchpads.

What are printer accessories used for?

There are a multitude of printer accessories available for different purposes. They can be found in various kits or combinations depending on the type of printing output catered for, such as physical, 3D, cloud or digital printing. Printer accessories vary across all industries, whether in the office environment, engineering, manufacturing or industrial spheres. 

Printer accessories go beyond paper trays and hard disks, and consumables like connection cables, wireless adapters and duplex units are common in industries where multipage documents and double-sided printing are required.

Types of printer accessories 

Types of printer accessories include:

  • Adaptors and connector cables
  • Chargers
  • Cutter modules
  • Print cartridges
  • Carry cases for added mobility
  • Printware – printer accessory kits with a specific purpose to carry out maintenance or upgrade activities

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