Bluetooth Adapters

Bluetooth adapter is a simple way to get non-wireless devices working wireless. Bluetooth technology allows you to connect to your computer devices such as printers, keyboard, speakers, mice and much more. You can also use a Bluetooth technology to sync with your mobile phone, tablet or other computers. All data transferred via Bluetooth is secure using 128-bit key encryption, guaranteeing confidentiality.

How to install Bluetooth adapter?
The Bluetooth adapter is a USB or RS232 dongle that connects your compatible devices to your computer using a wireless technology. Installing Bluetooth adapters is easy, plug it into an empty port and then follow an on-screen instruction. Once everything is set up, you can simply sync your devices with your Bluetooth dongle and enjoy wireless connectivity. Manufacturers such as StarTech, LM Technologies, Microchip always supply Bluetooth dongles with a compatible software.

How to choose the right Bluetooth adapter?
Two types of Bluetooth adapters are most common on the market. The USB dongle and RS232 adapter. Check what connection is available on your device and make a right choice. If the USB dongle is needed, decide on the speed rating of your connection and choose between USB Class 1 or 2. It is important to provide the right USB Class for your device to keep it running at the highest performance that is available. Finally, check if your operating system is compatible with a Bluetooth adapter.

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제품설명 단가 Class Interface Type Maximum Data Transfer Rate
RS 제품 번호 765-8987
제조사 부품 번호cB-ACC-26
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