Hookup & Equipment Wire

Hookup and equipment wires are usually insulated and flexible wiring. Used internally for electrical or electronic equipment, the sheathed cover of the wires is generally made from PVC.PVC is an important protection and insulation for cables where there is a connection to an electric main or power source.

What are hookup and equipment wires?

Hookup wires usually contain tin or copper, or the two are used in conjunction with one another in braid, solid or strands. Copper wire is an excellent conductor of electricity, and therefore copper is generally used in cables. A variance of copper is used in wires, such as tinned, nickel-plated or annealed.These types of wires come in a variety of colours. The choice of coloured casing allows for easy identification when using more than one cable at a time for internal wiring.

What are they used for?

Hook up wires or copper equipment wires as they are also known, are primarily used for low voltage applications. Hook up wire can be used in circuit boards, plugs, socket, computers, meters, auto-motives, and other electronics. Other applications range from household appliances to machinery.

What wires do RS offer?

RS offers a wide range of electrical wire, where the cross-sectional area ranges from 0.05 mm² up to 35 mm² in size. They also range in American Wire Gauge from 2 AWG up to 30 AWG, and are available in meters or reels, allowing for single or multiple usages.

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총 2개 제품 중 1번째-2번째 제품을 조회 중
한장내 검색 결과 수
제품설명 단가 Cross Sectional Area Sheath Colour American Wire Gauge Core Strands Insulation Material Outer Diameter Length Voltage Rating Conductor Material Wire Style Maximum Operating Temperature Fire Behaviour Shield Type Series
RS 제품 번호 187-9356
제조사 부품 번호HSC500-6-RED
3 mm² Red 12 AWG 19/0.45 mm PTFE 2.3mm 500mm 600 V ac - - +190°C - - HSC500
RS 제품 번호 187-9355
제조사 부품 번호HSC500-6-BLACK
3 mm² Black 12 AWG 19/0.45 mm PTFE 2.3mm 500mm 600 V ac - - +190°C - - HSC500