Schneider Electric Valve Actuator -, 24 V ac Supply Voltage

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Schneider / TAC Forta M800 Valve Actuator

M800 is an electro-mechanical actuator for the control of two-way and three-way plug valves in:

Domestic hot water systems
Heating systems
Air handling systems

M800 is either controlled by an increase/decrease signal or by a modulating 2–10 V control signal. Modulating control makes for a faster positioning of the actuator.

The electronic circuitry of the actuator ensures that the running time is the same, regardless of the stroke of the valve in question. It is easy to mount and connect the actuator. It can be
mounted directly onto TAC’s control valves, without any mounting kit.

The working range of the actuator is adjusted automatically depending on the stroke of the valve. The electronic circuitry of the actuator then takes care of the adjustment of the valve end positions.

The actuator is supplied by 24 V AC. It can provide 16 V DC voltage supply for older TAC/Schneider controllers.

Valve Actuators - Schneider Electric

Supply Voltage 24 V ac
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