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RS PRO 3 Piece Antistatic Alignment Kit

Introducing the 3 piece antistatic alignment and trimming kit from RS PRO, a versatile tool set ideal for trimming and aligning various electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, coils and more.

The set includes 3 trimming tools with moulded plastic tips manufactured from conductive nylon, eliminating the risk of interfering with the electrical components. The plastic design allows you to delicately trim and align sensitive and fragile components with ease. The kit features various tool types including duplex, trimmer and square hex, offering a versatile set that can be used with a variety of fittings and components.

Features and Benefits

• 3 piece kit including duplex, trimmer and square hex tools
• Conductive nylon design providing stiffness and reliability
• Ideal for trimming and aligning various electrical components
• Minimises damage to electrics caused by static electricity


Plastic trimming and alignment kits are a type of trimming tool ideal for use with sensitive electronic components such as resistors and capacitors. The plastic design ensures that they won’t interfere with any electronic or magnetic fields. Trimming and alignment tools are available in various sizes tip types to accommodate for different components.


For protection of sensitive components
Duplex, trimmer and square/hex tool
Conductive nylon-avoid high voltage

What tip types are included?

The RS PRO 3 alignment and trimming kit includes duplex, trimmer and square types ensuring you have a versatile kit to hand suitable for various parts and components.

What is the conductive handle resistivity?

The tools in this alignment and trimming kit features conductive handle resistivity of 106 - 10’’.

Number of Pieces 3
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