Molex 0.9kg Tool Balancer

  • RS 제품 번호 822-2826
  • 제조사 부품 번호 130173-0036
  • 제조업체 Molex
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Molex Light Industrial Duty Retractors

Light industrial duty retractors. These tool balancers are inspected, pre-tensioned & used to retract a load not to balance one.

2.0m to 3.05m cable length
0.5-0.9 kg & 2.7-3.6 kg weight range
Hanging mounting style
Nylon cord & nylon-covered steel cable
Adjustable cable stop

Molex Tool Balancer

The Molex 130173 series retractor is a light, industrial duty tool with a maximum load capacity of 0.9kg. The retractor is a hanging style tool without a ratchet lock. The ratchet is inspected, pre-tensioned and used to retract load. The tool contains upper/lower Bullard hooks with upper shackle assembly and has a nylon covered steel cable with a length of 1600mm.

Features and Benefits

• ABS housing material
• Constant retraction cable movement
• Total weight is 494g


• Automotive industry
• Factories

Load Capacity 0.9kg
Maximum Travel 1600.0mm
Weight 494.0g
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