Dormer 3 Piece M10 HSS Straight Flute Tap Set

  • RS 제품 번호 241-4114
  • 제조사 부품 번호 E500 10.0 X 1.50 3FL SET3
  • 제조업체 Dormer
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Dormer E500 series 3-piece HSS Coarse Straight Flute Tap Set

Introducing the Professional 3-piece Metric Coarse Straight Flute set from Dormer, This set of high-performance taps is ideal to produce repeatable tolerance threads for either through or blind holes. Tools feature an HSS (high-speed steel) construction for enhanced durability and resistance to corrosion. These excellent quality taps and dies are supplied complete in a plastic case for secure placement ensuring excellent protection when not in use whilst keeping the pieces organised. These Tap sets are suitable for professional workshops and automotive applications.

Dormer E500 Range Tap sets are available in various options to choose from:
• Rethreader, 3 Piece Tap Set, M2 x 0.4mm - 2414013
• Rethreader, 3 Piece Tap Set, M2.5x0.45mm - 2414029
• Rethreader, 3 Piece Tap Set, M3 x 0.5mm - 2414041
• Rethreader, 3 Piece Tap Set, M3.5x0.6mm - 2414057
• Rethreader, 3 Piece Tap Set, M4 x 0.7mm - 2414063
• Rethreader, 3 Piece Tap Set, M5 x 0.8mm - 2414079
• Rethreader, 3 Piece Tap Set, M6 x 1.0mm - 2414085
• Rethreader, 3 Piece Tap Set, M7 x 1.0mm - 2414091
• Rethreader, 3 Piece Tap Set, M8 x1.25mm - 2414108
• Rethreader, 3 Piece Tap Set, M10 x1.5mm - 2414114
• Rethreader, 3 Piece Tap Set, M12 x1.75mm - 2414120

Features and Benefits:

• Manufactured from high-speed steel (HSS) with accurately cut threads, ensuring excellent durability and high-performance
• Suitable for tapping repeatable tolerance threads in through or blind holes
• Suitable for hand or machine
• Supplied in a sturdy plastic case
• 7° cutting rake angle
• Bright finish
• When tapping blind holes straight flute taps should be used in sets
• Ideal for general maintenance workshops and automotive applications

Approvals and Certification:

• ISO529

Typical Application:

Tap sets are ideal for cutting thread (tapping) into materials, to create a clean fitting for bolts and other materials and are used with hand tools and power tools such as tap wrenches and drills to achieve maximum torque and control. They are widely used in applications such as:
• Construction
• Plumbing
• Workshops
• Renovations


Should I lubricate the set?
It is recommended that lubrication is regularly applied to the set when in use, to allow for friction-free threading with precision. This will ensure that a clean thread is achieved with minimal damage.

What is the difference between taps and dies?
A tap set is used to create or repair threads in holes which is ideal for things such as nuts and fittings, this process is called tapping. Die sets are used to cut threads on materials such as steel to allow a fitting to be screwed on and attached, this is called threading.





Engineering Taps - Straight Flute (Dormer)

Precision HSS taps to ISO529 designed to produce repeatable tolerance threads in most engineering materials. Suitable for medium/high rate production. All taps are to tolerance class 2, giving 6H fit (metric taps) or 2B fit (UNF & UNC taps)

Set Type Straight Flute Tap
Maximum Tap Size M10
Minimum Tap Size M10
Number of Pieces 3
Material HSS
Set Contents Taper Tap; Plug Tap and Bottom Tap
23 <재고있음> 5-9영업일내 홍콩 발송
단가 1 Set
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