RS PRO Thermistor 10Ω, 20 (Dia.) x 6mm

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RS Pro Inrush Current Suppressors

A range of PCB mounting metal oxide ceramic inrush current suppressors which when cold at initial switch on, present a high series resistance and limit current flow
As the devices warm the resistance progressively reduces to allow normal current to flow
The device quickly cools and returns to high resistance when the power is switched off
Suitable for switched mode power supplies, small electric motors, filament lamps, transformers etc


These suppressors are designed to run at elevated temperatures and need to be hot to achieve low continuous operating resistance. It is therefore important to allow for this when installing them in the circuitry.

Temperature Coefficient Type NTC
Thermal Time Constant 135s
Resistance @ 25 °C 10 Ω
Tolerance ±20%
Application Protection
Depth 6mm
Dimensions 20 (Dia.) x 6mm
Minimum Operating Temperature -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature +200°C
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