• RS 제품 번호 135-6220
  • 제조업체 FLIR
  • 제조사 부품 번호 63950-1001
FLIR ETS320 Thermal Imaging Camera, Temp Range: -20 → +250 °C 320 x 240pixel
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FLIR ETS320 Test Bench Thermal Camera

FLIR ETS320 is a professional, affordable solution designed for hands-free laboratory testing. Ideal for reducing test times and improving product design for electronic board and device evaluation. The ETS320 detects design flaws that materialise as heat. Which is an important indicator of how a system is functioning. The ETS320 helps engineers and test technicians collect accurate, reliable data in seconds and analyse it quickly.

Features and Benefits

• 320 x 240 IR resolution (7800 pixels)
• Vibrant 3" LCD display provides immediate thermal feedback
• 45⁰ field of view
• ±3% measurement accuracy
• Records standard radiometric JPEGs
• Pole mount included for fast and easy setup
• FLIR Tools+ software provided
• Sensitive enough to detect temperature shifts smaller than 0.06⁰C
• Wide temperature range, from -20⁰C to 250⁰C, for quantifying heat generation and thermal dissipation
• Measures small components down to 170 μm per pixel spot size
• Improve Product Design

Supplied with

Camera, mount, stand, power supply, USB cable and FLIR Tools+ software

Thermal cameras

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Temperature Measurement Range-20 → +250 °C
Thermal Sensitivity<0.06°C
Best Temperature Measurement Accuracy±3 %
Refresh Rate9Hz
Maximum Temperature Measurement+250 °C
Detector Resolution320 x 240pixel
Focus TypeFixed
Visual CameraYes
Display Size3in
Interface TypeUSB
Display Resolution320 x 240pixel
Field of View45 x 34°
Vertical Display Resolution240pixel
Dimensions220 x 150 x 300mm
Horizontal Field of View45°
Vertical Field of View34°
Model Number pETS320
Vertical Detector Resolution240pixel
Horizontal Detector Resolution320pixel
Horizontal Display Resolution320pixel
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    RS 제품 번호 135-6220
    설명 FLIR ETS320 Thermal Imaging Camera, Temp Range: -20 → +250 °C 320 x 240pixel
    제조업체 FLIR
    제조사 부품 번호 63950-1001
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    Date Dec 13, 2017
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