RS PRO K Air, General Temperature Probe

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  • 제조업체 RS PRO
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RS Pro General Purpose Mineral Insulated Probes

A series of RS Pro Temperature Probes. These probes can be carefully bent and shaped making them perfect for your application. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.

Features & Benefits

Suitable for air or liquid measurement
Type K probes are class I, type T probes are 1/2 class I
Waterproof construction for ease of cleaning/sterilisation
Cable Length is 2 m

Tough polyurethane cable

• Greater retractability
• Enhanced memory of its curl
• Non-toxic
• 12 x 0.2mm wires used internally for greater strength
• PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) inner insulation for strength and durability

Polypropylene handles

Polypropylene is extremely tough and durable material, commonly used for milk crates, it has good low temperature performance and a relatively high melt temperature. It performs exceptionally well under chemical attack.


• Computers
• Home appliances
• Calibration and instrumentation
• Industrial equipment
• Patient monitoring


RS PRO is our own brand range and brings you a wide range of high-quality, great value products offering you more choice. Trusted by engineers all over the world, every part of every RS PRO product has been rigorously tested against demanding industry standards; they’re only given the RS PRO Seal of Approval if we’re confident of their exceptional quality, which means you can be confident too.

Sensor Type K
Probe Type Air, General
Probe Length 100mm
Probe Diameter 3mm
Maximum Temperature Measurement +1100 °C
Cable Length 2m
Best Accuracy ±0.25 %
Connector Type Miniature Thermocouple Plug
337 <재고있음> 5-9영업일내 홍콩 발송
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