Sirius 3SE5 Safety Switch With Round Plunger Actuator, Metal, 2NO/2NC

  • RS 제품 번호 768-6538
  • 제조사 부품 번호 3SE5162-0CA00
  • 제조업체 Siemens
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COO (Country of Origin): DE
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3SE5 Limit Switches, Modular Units

The SIRIUS 3SE5 limit switches provide the dependable performance required in everyday industrial applications thanks to their modular, consistent design and wide choice of variants and operating mechanisms.
The standard design and function of the limit switches not only make it easy to select the right switch but also enable quick and easy installation, wiring and maintenance.
The SIRIUS 3SE5 is designed for safety applications up to Category 4 according to ISO 13849-1 (EN 954-1) when you select the right product and use them properly in conjunction with fail-safe evaluation units such as the 3TK28, ASISafe, SIMATIC or SINUMERIK.

Enclosure sizes

Open-type position switch IP20 (3SE5 250-*****)
Plastic enclosures according to EN 50047, 31 mm wide, IP65, 1 cable entry (3SE5 232-***** & 3SE5 234-*****)
Plastic enclosures according to EN 50041, 40mm wide, IP66/IP67, 1 cable entry (3SE5 132-***** & 3SE5 134-*****)
Plastic enclosures, 50 mm wide, IP66/IP67, 2 cable entries (3SE5 242-*****)
Metal enclosures according to EN 50047, 31 mm wide, IP66/IP67, 1 cable entry (3SE5 212-***** & 3SE5 214-*****)
Metal enclosures according to EN 50041, 40mm wide, IP66/IP67, 1 cable entry (3SE5 112-*****)
Metal enclosures, 56 mm wide, IP66/IP67, 3 cable entries (3SE5 122-*****)
XL metal enclosures with 4 to 6 contacts, 56 mm wide, IP66/IP67, 3 cable entries (3SE5 162-*****)
Enclosures with an ambient temperature to -40°C (3SE5 ***-*****-1AJ0)

Enclosure versions

With contact blocks with two or three contacts (screw terminals) designed as slow-action or snap-action contacts; the slow-action contacts also with make-before-break (refer to tech. data)
Optional LED status display (3SE5 ***-1K*** & 3SE5 ***-1L***)
With M20 ´ 1.5 connection thread or mounted 4 or 5 pole M12 connector socket (refer to tech. data)
Versions with increased corrosion protection (3SE5 ***-*****-1CA0)
Versions for operating temperature up to -40°C (3SE5 ***-*****-1AJ0)


Easy replacement and mounting of actuator heads through plug mounting with uniform interface
Integrated chlorinated rubber diaphragm (high functional safety in cold and aggressive environments)
All actuator heads can be rotated in 22.5° increments
Mounting time reductions of up to 25% through rapid connection system for plastic enclosures
Versions with 3-pole contact blocks ensure increased safety through redundant disconnection and additional signalling while featuring the same enclosure dimensions as 2-pole contact blocks
IP65/66/67 protection
Switching points and mounting according to EN 50041 or EN 50047
Built in rounded plunger with 3mm over travel, (total travel 9mm) for greater tolerance when switching

Safety Limit Switch

Actuator Type Round Plunger
Normal State Configuration 2NO/2NC
Action Type Snap
Connection Type Screw
Housing Material Metal
Number of Cable Entries 3
Number of Contacts 4
Size of Cable Entries M20 x 1.5
Series 3SE5
Length 56mm
Width 37mm
Mechanical Life Minimum 15000000 cycles
Dimensions 56 x 37 x 100 mm
Mounting Orientation Universal
Depth 100mm
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