ON Semi 200V 1A, Diode, 2-Pin DO-41 UF4003

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ON Semi UF4001-UF4007 Fast Rectifiers

The ON Semiconductor UF4001 to UF4007 series are ultra-fast rectifiers within a DO-41 (DO-240AL) plastic package. These 1A glass-passivated junction rectifiers are reliable, general purpose components which can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Features & Benefits:
Low forward voltage drop
High surge current capability
High current capability

What is a glass-passivated junction rectifier?
These devices feature a layer of passivation glass around the diode. A glass-passivated rectifier often enables higher reverse-voltage resistance and can sometimes reduce leakage.

What is the operating junction temperature?
-65°C to +150°C

What are their maximum repetitive reverse voltages?
UF4001 - 50V
UF4002 - 100V
UF4003 - 200V
UF4004 - 400V
UF4005 - 600V
UF4006 - 800V
UF4007 - 1000V

Mounting Type Through Hole
Package Type DO-41
Maximum Continuous Forward Current 1A
Peak Reverse Repetitive Voltage 200V
Diode Configuration Single
Rectifier Type Fast Recovery
Diode Type Silicon Junction
Pin Count 2
Maximum Forward Voltage Drop 1V
Number of Elements per Chip 1
Diode Technology Silicon Junction
Peak Reverse Recovery Time 50ns
Peak Non-Repetitive Forward Surge Current 30A
Diameter 2.72mm
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