ON Semiconductor IoT Development Kit Base Board (with WiFi and LCD) Evaluation Board WiFi Evaluation Board

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ON Semiconductor IoT Development Kit Base Board

The ON Semiconductor IoT development kit baseboard is the host of multiple hardware combinations of a shield (sensor and/or actuators and connectivity) defined for the IoT application hardware implementation. This allows the user to create many types of IoT nodes and/or gateways depending on the shields used with the baseboard. The physical connectors to the shield include Pmod and Arduino format. This is also hosting the USB interface to the host PC for Programming the embedded application onto the ARM Cortex M3 Processor, for simple debugging and powering up the application. Additionally, the baseboard is equipped with a Jtag to debug interface to accommodate any complex software debugging tasks.

Features and Benefits:

• Ambient light sensor (ALS) shield
• IDK baseboard
• LED ballast shield, Wi-Fi ModuleBLDC shield, PoE shield, CAN shield
• Touch shield, PIR shield, stepper motor shield


• Embedded systems
• IoT
• Wireless communication


• ANSI/ESD S20.20:2014
• BS EN 61340-5-1:2007

RF Technology WiFi
Classification Evaluation Board
Technology ARM Cortex M3
Kit Classification Evaluation Board
For Use With IoT Application Hardware Implementation
Featured Device BAS16HT1G, CAT25M02VI-GT3, LMV358DMR2G, MBR120VLSFT1G, MBR230LSFT1G, MBRS1540T3G, MC33375ST-3.0T3G, NCP1421DMR2G, NCS36510MNTXG, NCV1117STAT3G, NCV890100PDR2G, NUF2042XV6T1G, PCA9655EMTTXG
Kit Name IoT Development Kit Base Board (with WiFi and LCD) Evaluation Board
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