Through Hole Audio Transformer 3.75Ω

  • RS 제품 번호 210-6403
  • 제조사 부품 번호 A262A1E
  • 제조업체 OEP
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COO (Country of Origin): CN
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High Performance Encapsulated AF, PCB Mount

From OEP, a range of high performance, industry standard PCB mounting audio frequency transformers. The dual primary and secondary windings of these frequency transformers provide a wide range of impedance matching ratios to suit many input, interstage and output applications.

Features and Benefits:

• Industry standard 0•1in. grid spacing
• Resin encapsulated in glass filled nylon case
• Foil interwinding screen
• Optional Mu-metal, a nickel-iron alloy, screening can (stock no. 210-6469)

The OEP Audio Frequency Transformer range also includes:

210-6403 is a 3.75Ω, 6.3+6.3:1+1 PCB mount audio transformer
210-6419 is a 600Ω, 1+1:2+2 PCB mount audio transformer
210-6425 is a 600Ω, 1+1:6.45+6.45 PCB mount audio transformer
210-6431 is a 150Ω, 1+1:1+1 PCB mount audio transformer
210-6447 is a 600Ω, 1+1:1+1 PCB mount audio transformer
210-6469 is an optional Mu-metal, nickel-iron alloy screening can

Primary Impedance 150Ω
Secondary Impedance 3.75Ω
Primary DC Resistance 10.3Ω
Secondary DC Resistance 0.37Ω
Dimensions 27.94 x 22 x 22.9mm
Mounting Type Through Hole
Depth 22.9mm
Length 27.94mm
Width 22mm
Maximum Operating Frequency 35kHz
Turns Ratio 6.3+6.3:1+1
Maximum Temperature +70°C
Minimum Temperature 0°C
Minimum Operating Frequency 30Hz
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