EVAL6472H,Power Management Dev Kit

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The EVAL6472H demonstration board is a fully integrated microstepping motor driver. In combination with the STEVAL-PCC009V2 communication board and the dSPIN evaluation software, the board allows the user to investigate all the features of the L6472 device. In particular, the board can be used to regulate the L6472 parameters in order to fit application requirements. The EVAL6472H supports the daisy chain configuration making it suitable for the evaluation of the L6472 in the multi-motor applications.

Voltage range from 8 V to 45 V
Phase current up to 3 Ar.m.s.
SPI with daisy chain feature
SW input
FLAG and BUSY LED indicators
Adjustable supply voltage compensation
Suitable for use in combination with STEVAL-PCC009V2

Kit Classification Evaluation Board
For Use With Stepper Motor Driver
Featured Device L6472
Kit Name Demonstration Board
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