RS PRO PT100 Sensor, -200°C min +600°C max, 8mm Probe Length x 1.6mm Probe Diameter

  • RS 제품 번호 293-8480
  • 제조업체 RS PRO
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Platinum Probes Pt 100 Cylindrical

From the great value brand RS PRO, comes a range of high quality and great value PT100 PRT (Platinum resistance thermometer) probes. Manufactured to industry standards, these high-temperature PRT probes are an excellent solution for temperature measurement.

Features and benefits:

Complete range of high precision probes for extreme measurements in industry and laboratories.
Platinum probes comprised of a wound resistive wire inserted freely into a cylindrical ceramic support.
Platinum output wires for diameters of under 2 mm and palladium platinum wire for other diameters.
Precision classes:- Class A = 1/2 of class B, R0=100 ±0.06 Ω, R100=138.50 ±0.13 Ω- Class T = 1/3 of class B, R0=100 ±0.04 Ω, R100=138.50 ±0.1 Ω- Class 1/5 = 1/5 of class B, R0=100 ±0.02 Ω, R100=138.50 ±0.05 Ω- Class 1/10 = 1/10 of class B, R0=100 ±0,01 Ω, R100=138.50 ±0.03 Ω- Duplex class A = duplex 1/2 of class B, R0=100 ±0.06 Ω per circuit, R100=138.50 ±0.13 Ω per circuit.


These PRT probes have a variety of application use such as;

  • Heating

  • Air conditioning

  • Stoves and grills

  • Food processing

  • Energy

Why choose RS PRO?

RS PRO is our own brand of high-quality products whilst bringing you great value for money. Our wide range of products have been engineered to meet high industry standards, so you are ensured reliable and robust solutions.

Sensor Type PT100
Probe Length 8mm
Probe Diameter 1.6mm
Minimum Temperature Sensed -200°C
Maximum Temperature Sensed +600°C
Termination Type Solder
Probe Material Platinum
Accuracy Class 1/10 B
Response Time 1 m/s
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