Solartron Metrology Modbus Interface Module for use with Digital Measurement System, 0 → 10 V

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Orbit 3 Modim Modbus Interface Module

The Orbit 3 MODIM modbus interface module provides all users an easy gateway between MODBUS PLC’s and the Orbit 3 digital measurement system.. This is a highly accurate and flexible measurement system. The Modbus interface module also interfaces to any sensor with an analogue output including a wealth of other linear measurement sensors. This allows you to use the system for temperature, pressure, force, rotary measurement and linear displacement. All of these process variables to a PLC though just one simple Modbus communications interface.

MODBUS RTU up to 115200 baud
Access complex sensor networks with varying interfaces through a set of MODBUS parameters in a single device
Connects to all Solartron gauging probes, displacement, Orbit LT and Prbit LTH
Simple network setup via a PC application
Sealing – IP43
Hardware serial interface – RS485
Network protocol – MODBUS RTU SLAVE
Baud rates up to 115,200
Orbit modules - Linear Displacement Sensors range 0.25mm to 300mm. Analogue Input Modules 0-10V, 4- 20mA. Rotary Encoder Modules and Non Contact Laser Modules
Storage temperature -20 to +70°C


EN61000-6-3 and EN61326

For Use With Digital Measurement System
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