RS PROMultimeter Test Lead Multi Pin Connector Test Kit, CAT II 1000 V

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Multipin connector Test lead kit

Purpose designed kit to provide a safe solution to probing high density mulipole connectors. The unique design avoids the dangers of shorting electrical contacts and the risk of dropping pins or other foreign bodies into sensitive or critical equipment. The various sized male / female contact pins supplied suit applications in the majority of multipin connectors including Mil-C, Industrial & circular plastic connectors , D-Sub, XLR & PCB headers

Features and benefits:

Compatible with all standard shrouded 4mm instrument sockets
Applications include aeronautical, military, automotive and computer equipment testing
Complies with EN61010-1 CAT III 600V
Lead length: 1.2m
Kit comprises 1 each red & black insulated silicone test lead with standard 4mm shrouded right angle plug end and unique screw-in pin socket at the other end. 2 sets of 4 screw in pins each with a male & female contact. 1 green double insulated earth lead with detatchable crocodile clip. 1 each red and black extender bar
Supplied in durable plastic case with custom two colour foam cutouts that instantly identify if any of the pins are missing.

What’s Included?

  • 1 Red and 1 Black Double Insulated Silicone Test Lead.

  • 2 sets of 4 screw-in in pins

  • 1 Green double insulated earth lead with detachable large green crocodile clip.


The tools included are designed to operate with a digital multimeter and provide you with accurate readings. Digital multimeters are devices that provide measurements of voltage (volts), currents (amps) and resistance (ohms). Can also be used for aeronautical, military, automotive and computer equipment testing applications.

Before you begin testing

For your own safety, there are things to consider before operating with the parts included with the kit such as;

  • Ensure that the multimeter and multimeter test leads being used are applicable for the voltage level and category are appropriate for the electrical environment they will be used in.

  • Inspect the leads thoroughly to make sure they are safe to use. This includes ensuring that the leads are free of any cracks and that the connectors are clean

Why choose RS PRO?

RS PRO is our own brand of high-quality products whilst bringing you great value for money. Our wide range of products have been engineered to meet high industry standards, so you are ensured reliable and robust solutions.

Lead Type Multi Pin Connector Test Kit
Connector Type Crocodile Clip, Pin Socket, Right Angle Plug
Lead Length 1.2m
Current Rating 20A
Safety Category Voltage 1000V
Safety Category CAT II 1000 V
Safety Category Level CAT II
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