Rawl Fixings Steel Masonry Anchor R-RBL-08EW M8, fixing hole diameter 14mm, length 87mm

  • RS 제품 번호 528-233
  • 제조사 부품 번호 R-RBL-08EW
  • 제조업체 RawlPlug
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COO (Country of Origin): GB
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Rawlbolts™ - Hook & Eye

Heavy-duty hook and eye type Rawlbolt™ anchors, suitable for a variety of applications.

Features and Benefits.

Steel hook or forged steel eye removable from cast anchor shield Bright zinc plated for corrosion protection
Typical applications include chain barriers, lighting fixtures, suspended ceilings, guy ropes and stays

Typical Shield Anchor Eye Bolt Fixings Applications.

  • Supporting ladder restraints.

  • Supporting Guy ropes, stays and cables.

Material the R-RBL-E Rawlbolt Eye Bolts are Compatible with?

Approved for use in:

  • Cracked concrete C20/25-C50/60.

  • Non-Cracked concrete C20/25-C50/60.

  • Unreinforced concrete.

  • Reinforced concrete.

  • Solid clay brick ≥ 20MPa.

  • Hollow lightweight concrete block LAC 5 ≥ 5MPa.

  • Hollow sand lime brick ≥ 15MPa.

  • Hollow core slab C20/25.

  • Hollow core slab C30/37-C50/60.

R-RBL-E Rawlbolt Expansion Eye and Hook Bolts Fixings Available?

  • Stock number 528227, M6, Shield anchor Eye Bolt, 12 mm x 83 mm.

  • Stock number 528205, M6, Shield anchor Hook Bolt, 12 mm x 83 mm.

  • Stock number 528233, M8, Shield anchor Eye Bolt, 14 mm x 98 mm.

  • Stock number 528211, M8, Shield anchor Hook Bolt, 14 mm x 98 mm.

  • Stock number 6816738, M10, Shield anchor Eye Bolt, 16 mm x 120 mm.

  • Stock number 6816735, M10, Shield anchor Hook Bolt, 16 mm x 120 mm.

  • Stock number 6816731, M12, Shield anchor Eye Bolt, 20 mm x 145 mm.

  • Stock number 6816744, M12, Shield anchor Hook Bolt, 20 mm x 145 mm.

How to use the R-RBL-E Rawlbolt Expansion Eye Bolts?

  • Drill a hole (have pre-drilled hole ready) ensure that it is the correct diameter and depth needed.

  • Special note: If fixing into brickwork avoid all mortar joint areas.

  • Clean out the drilled hole removing all debris and dust (important to thoroughly remove everything, use a blowpump).

  • Insert the anchor into the pre-drilled hole till it is flush with the surface then position the eye as required.

  • Tighten the fixing carefully, only to the recommended torque using the Hex but and not the eye.

Thread Size M8
Type Shield Anchor Eye Bolt
Length 98mm
Fixing Hole Diameter 14mm
Material Steel
Eye Inside Diameter 12mm
90 <재고있음> 5-9영업일내 홍콩 발송
단가 Each (In a Pack of 10)
(exc. VAT)
10 +
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