RS PRO 575g Lump Hammer With Ash Handle

  • RS 제품 번호 182-9783
  • 제조업체 RS PRO
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RS PRO Soft Face Hammer

Introducing the soft face hammer from our trusted and reliable own brand RS PRO, a lightweight durable hammer that is perfect for driving force into materials without causing surface damage. The soft face of the hammer is made of plastic that can be replaced when necessary, ensuring you always have a durable soft face to work with. The hammer features a lightweight yet durable Ashwood handle, providing excellent comfort and grip that allows you to hammer with precision.

Features and benefits

Durable soft face plastic head to provide force without damage Lightweight yet durable Ashwood handle for comfort and excellent grip Interchangeable head to allow a variety of head materials to be used Can be used for a range of hammering tasks


Soft face hammers are a type of mallet used to drive force into materials without causing damage or surface damage to the material or surrounding area. Mallets tend to have replaceable heads that are available in a range of materials such as plastic, rubber, nylon, lead and more. Soft face hammers and rubber mallets are used in a variety of applications and are commonly used by: Furniture makers Woodworkers Instrument makers Jewellery makers Carpenters

Is the head replaceable?

The head on the RS PRO soft face hammer is interchangeable, allowing you to use a variety of head types from soft rubber to hard plastic.

What is the face diameter?

The soft hammer face features a 40 mm diameter.

What material is the head?

This hammer features a durable plastic head, however, it is interchangeable.

Weight 575g
Handle Material Ash Wood
Head Material Plastic
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