Solartron Metrology USB Controller

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Orbit 3 Digital Measurement System

The Orbit 3 digital measurement system provides users with a limitless set of measuring system solutions offering a variety of interfaces to computers and PLC’s. The Orbit 3 is completely flexible and high performing eliminating the need to use analogue transducers and amplifiers. When you calibrate the transducer and electronics together it produces a linear system across the full measurement range removing the need for expensive minimum and maximum gauging masters. This digital measurement system provides users with solutions for measurement applications including temperature, load cells, pressure sensors, linear displacement, structural monitoring and gauging.

Digital measurement system controllers:
The USB controller can power up to 4 Orbit modules of most types. Some products may require additional power supply modules. Readings per second for up to 16 modules.

Connect to third party sensors:
Orbit 3 modules also provide interfaces to other transducers and control processes. The flexible AIM (Analogue Input Module) can take inputs from any transducer with a voltage of current output. The EIM (Rotary) Encoder Input Module provides a route to angle information which can facilitate part profiling and the DIOM provides control inputs and outputs.

Power supply interface modules:
These modules are uses to power a network of Orbit modules and sensors from an AC or DC power source. Most Solartron sensors and modules run on 5V, except Orbit LT and Orbit LTH which also require 24VDC. Some power supply interface modules can output both voltages.
The AC PSIM is supplied connected to a mains power module with the appropriate mains lead.
The DC PSIM is supplied with a standard 2 m cable.
24V output of DC PSIM will track the DC input.
24V current depends on external supply.
The Aux AC PSIM only supplies 24V auxiliary power for products that require additional 24V in addition to the standard 5V.
These PSIMs do not power the Orbit Network.

Excellent metrology performance
High accuracy
High resolution
Excellent repeatability
Excellent lifetime value
Low maintenance costs
wide range of campatible transducers
Fast reading rates
High data integrity
Network up to 150 transducers with one interface
Comminate with any computer or PLC
Easy to set up range of software drivers and tolls.

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