RS PRO Gauss Meter, Maximum of 60Hz

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  • 제조업체 RS PRO
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RS Pro Multi Field EMF Meter

Our high quality brand RS Pro presents this handheld light weight Guassmeter. A great instrument for measuring magnetic fields of high frequency (RF) in a frequency range of 50 MHz - 3.5 GHz and low frequency electric and magnetic fields (EMF) at 50-60 Hz. Equipped with three individual aerial sensors for measuring EMF's. Simultaneous display is made possible for overload indications on three axes. (X, Y and Z)

With a sleek, compact and modern design it boasts a 2.4 inch colour TFT LCD screen. This is the ideal unit for electromagnetic, low-frequency electrical and low-frequency magnetic fields measurement and testing.

Features and Benefits:

• Compact and lightweight
• 3 measurements in one meter: Electromagnetic Field (3-axis); Electric Field; RF Strength Field
• Data Hold (HOLD)
• Language Selection: English; Traditional Chinese; Simplified Chinese; Japanese; Spanish
• Can be powered via USB mini-B (5-pin) connection

Application includes: Electric transmission equipment, Power lines, Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Computer monitors and Video/audio devices.

How Does a Gauss Meter Work?

Guassmeters are a Hall probe, a test current is sent by the meter through the probe. This Hall affect produces a voltage and the meter then records this. Often the highest voltage detected is used or frozen by the meter as voltage fluctuation is common given that magnetic fields are rarely static.

Did you know?

Carl Friederich Gauss born in 1777 developed one of the first devices that could measure direction and strength of a magnetic field. He was a pioneer in this type of study and a great mathematician. He created the system used to measure magnetism and is the reason the modern unit of flux density is named Guass and why we call these units Guass meters.

Supplied with

Batteries (1.5V AAA x 3), English language manual

Magnetic Range 0.02 → 200 μT, 0.02 → 2000 mG
Maximum Magnetic Measurement 200 μT, 2000 mG
Minimum Magnetic Measurement 0.02 mG, 0.02 μT
Best Accuracy ±15 % + 100 Digit
Resolution 0.01 mG, 0.01 μT
Frequency Range Maximum of 60Hz
Operating Units Gauss, Tesla
Interface Type USB Mini-B
Maximum Operating Temperature +40°C
Minimum Operating Temperature +5°C
Battery Life 8 h
Battery Type AAA
Power Source Battery, Mains
Length 60mm
Width 21mm
Height 115mm
Weight 120g
Dimensions 60 x 21 x 115mm
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