Industrial Duty Foot Switch, Plastic NO/NC 270 mA @ 250 V dc, 3 A @ 240 V ac 240V IP66

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XPE Plastic Footswitches

Plastic housed footswitches, with or without protective guard cover. The guarded cover types are strongly recommended in high risk areas where accidental starting of the machine, either by human action or falling objects can occur. Footswitches featuring 2-step contact operation are ideal for applications involving 2 speed machines. The first step (6mm travel) operates one set of NC + NO contacts before the second step operates the other NC + NO contacts during full actuator travel (12mm). The trigger mechanism types enable locking of the pedal in rest position, positive action is required before the pedal can be depressed.

Features & Benefits

Available with or without trigger mechanism in 1 or 2 step configurationsLarge surface area of pedal assures stability of foot and operator comfortHigh and wide protective cover accommodates both large size and safety bootsCan be fixed to the floor or on a support for improved stabilityBlue IP66 plastic housing



Schneider Electric Plastic Foot Switch - Harmony XPE - XPEB310

Forming part of the Harmony XPE range, the XPEB310 plastic foot switch is ideally suited for issuing a safety "start" instruction for potentially dangerous machines.

Features & Benefits

  • The foot switch has a trigger mechanism (toe plate) that enables locking of the foot pedal in the rest (released) position

  • Comprised of a strong and long-lasting plastic material, created and designed for light-duty applications and simple machines (dosing, marking, benching, punching machines and much more)

  • Customers may hear of this product being referred to by its "short name" - XPEB

  • This type of foot switch is provided with a cover

  • The foot switch is without a trigger mechanism

  • Aesthetically pleasing blue colour, giving a modern and sleek finish

  • Has mechanical durability up to10000000 cycles

  • 1 step contact operation

Industrial Duty Footswitches

A range of robust footswitches suited for industrial environments issuing start and normal stop instructions to many types of machines. They allow the operator greater freedom of movement.

Contact Configuration NO/NC
Series Harmony XPEA
Case Material Plastic
Contact Voltage Rating AC 240V
Contact Voltage Rating DC 250V
Contact Current Rating 3 A @ 240 V ac, 270 mA @ 250 V dc
Switch Environment Industrial Duty
IP Rating IP66
Dimensions L282 x H154 x W141mm
Colour Blue
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