700W Fixed Installation DC-AC Power Inverter, 12V dc / 230V ac

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Modified Sine Wave, 700W 'Handy Mains' 3 Pin UK & Schuko Output Sockets

The SM3185 and SM3215 are part of a range of Handy Mains adaptors which convert battery power into a nominal 230 V ac rms 50 Hertz supply, suitable for operating small power tools, domestic appliances, etc.Please note that only heavy duty batteries are suitable. These power inverters have a nominal continuous power rating into resistive load of 700 Watts. An audible warning indicates when the battery is becoming discharged. The SM3185 and SM3215 are packaged in a powder coated folded metal box. Input wires enter on one side face and the outlet socket is mounted on the top face.

11 to 15Vdc or 22 to 30Vdc input Input connection via 2 x M5mm studs and 2.8mm push on crimp low current switch wireOutput voltage 230Vac ±15V 50Hz modified sine waveOutput connection via 3-pin UK and Schuko socketsLow battery alarm and shutdownOver temperature and overcurrent protectionNeon power indicatorMounting flanges and integral fanDesigned for direct wired fixed installations (low current control wire for on/off switching)Only use with heavy duty (high discharge rate) batteriesFluorescent lights should have any power factor correction capacitor removedOptional heavy duty wiring kit SM2793 (stock no. 322-1890) recommendedIdeal for powering personal computers, fax machines, printers, small power tools, domestic equipment and low energy lighting


These units are suitable for negative earth battery systems only, but they can be isolated for marine use by removing grounding screws.


The user is responsible for ensuring the suitability of any equipment connected to these power adaptors - protect from moisture.For inside use only.

Input Voltage 12V dc
Output Voltage 230V ac
Output Power Continuous 700W
Output Power Intermittent 800W
Output Power Waveform Quasi Sine Wave
Output Connection Type British 3-pin, Schuko Socket
Efficiency 88%
Output Current 12A
Length 260mm
Width 103mm
Depth 64mm
Weight 1.6kg
Minimum Temperature -40°C
Maximum Temperature +35°C
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